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Flavorful German-style bread with flaxseed and allspice is ideal for flavorful food. Rich well balanced taste helps enhance flavor of soups and toasts and goes ideally with avocado, egg or smoked salmon. Light yet filling.

Ingredients: buckwheat, flaxseed, psyllium husk, allspice, tiger nuts, salt. Ancient grain bread. All ingredients are certified gluten-free.

Produced in gluten-free facility.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Flax Sourdough

Love having a gluten-free sourdough, that tastes good, and is good for you. I’ve purchased many times.

D. R.
Gluten-free? Can’t even tell…

This bread is so good you may not be able to tell that it’s GF! Too often, GF bread is bland and crumbly — but not this tasty bread from Heaven Bakery. Try it!

Theresa K.
My favorite bread of all time!

I love this bread. There's something about it that is so down-to-earth and so satisfying! The taste is unique and reminds me of the pumpernickel my mom used to buy from Lincoln Del when I was a kid.

Louise Woessner
Dark flaxseed= amazing

So moist and flavorful on inside with slight crunch on outside. Will be ordering this loaf again!

Laurie Urbacik
Simply Excellent Bread!

Yum! Best gluten free bread I've have eaten yet and I've tried many only to be disappointed. Not this time, Heaven's Gluten-Free Bakery DARK (FLAXSEED-ALLSPICE) SOURDOUGH GLUTEN FREE LOAF is in its own class. It is that good! Moist bread with pleasing flavor that tastes wholesome and nutritious. The few ingredients it has are top quality and it shows up in the taste of the bread. It was a delight to eat and I'm so glad I bought 2 loaves!